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Tera’s Grooming Reviews

Our commitment isn’t just about delivering the best groom possible.

It’s about delivering on our promises. We’re committed to continuously improving our services and grooming practices through ongoing communication with you, our customer. Because no one knows your pet better then you, your honest reviews not only help potential pet owners choose the perfect groomer, you also provide the insight we need to better meet your needs.

Google Reviews
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Miah P.
Best Dog Grooming Hands Down!

Facebook Reviews
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Rachel A.
I was very happy with how my dog turned out. She seemed to enjoy the experience, looked great & the first grooming I’ve been happy with. Excellent service. Very happy with how tera doesn’t put the dogs in kennels waiting for pickup.

Yelp Reviews
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Yelp Reviews

Brandon R.
Best grooming in town by far, she so good with the animals also the best price which is even better.

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Every pet at Tera’s Grooming has their Before & After Photos taken that are updated hourly, you can see every groom we have ever done. We are proud of our work and our furry friends and invite you to see them all.

At Tera’s we are no stranger to technology (actually, we’re geeks and love it) and we use every possible platform to enable an open dialog between the pet owner and our groomer… and by making the experience more convenient for you, our service runs smoother and more efficient contributing to our goal of being an “All Green” grooming service.

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