Cage Free Pet Salon

Cage Free

At Tera’s Grooming we take a stance, that we are a Cage Free grooming salon, which means your pet will never be left unattended in any cage or kennel. By knowing your pet’s name and greeting them with a smile, we encourage an atmosphere where they feel safe and loved, we believe that every animal deserves to be clean with a healthy coat and this should not be a traumatizing experience to get there.

Private One-on-One

One family at a time, by appointment only means your pet gets the individual attention with-out the distraction of unfamiliar dogs. Tera’s Grooming is a private stress-free pet salon, perfect for shy, senior and even aggressive dogs.

Working & Service animals have different requirements, whether on the job or just in training we have the experience and professional equipment in a secure environment.

Private Pet Salon