What is a good nail polish for pets?

I’m often asked what nail polish that I use @ Teras Grooming and is it safe for pets. Any polish to be “pet safe” must be Water Based, Non-Toxic, Odorless and Hypoallergenic. There are many pet-safe polishes plus some designed for children that work really well also. Over the years, I have had good luck using a few brands, colors and techniques that I like.

While every brand claims fast drying, a good coat still depends on the dogs patience and a few basic practices.

A few Tips for a good finish

  •  Base coats… it’s all about applying the right color to a healthy, trimmed and cleaned nail. If a nail is dry and cracked your best option is to get the pet on a trim schedule in order to bring the nail back into health, you can read more on trimming a dogs nails in our other post.
  • Applying the base coat. While the nail color is going to determine how many coats you need, a bright base color like silver, white and even black give the color it’s “pop” and good base to adhere to. It’s very important to let the base coat completely dry before applying the color.
  • After the base coat is dry, apply light even coats of the color polish, giving time for the dog to relax between feet and extra coats. Remember the less stress here, the easier future paw polishes will be.
  • Finishing coats can add that extra shine while adding a final layer of protection to the color, but it’s not a must do.

Which brands of pet nail polish do I use.

I like a couple brands (piggy paint is my favorite) that are easily available on amazon, (I return’em if they are old & dry) nice pinks and good blacks are always a must have. Ebay always has good deals but you need to be a little careful,  when you see a price that is to good to be true, it usually is, as these polishes are often sold at discount when they get old.

Piggy Paint

Color Paw

Dog Fashion

For best results, try and stick to the same brand, when the formula for both the base coat and top coat match the finish will last longer. Given these are water based paints, they will usually last up to a couple weeks even on an active dog so have fun and remember… even male dogs like a nice coat of black.