Dog & Cat Grooming Services

Our grooming services will exceed your expectations every time

Designed with Arizona weather in mind to bring balance and natural healing to your pet’s skin and coat leaving your pet feeling relaxed, restored and refreshed. By blending professional grooming services and premium spa treatments, you and your pet can enjoy health and wellness benefits that can easily be integrated into your lifestyle.

Every grooming package includes our famous Before & After photo premium shampoo & conditioner, a mild face scrub, full brush-out, sanitary trim and finishing spray.

Bath & Brush

Bath & Brush

$25 Small Dogs (under 25 Lbs.)

$35 Med Dogs (25-45 Lbs.)

$45 Large Dogs (45 & over Lbs.)

$50 All Cats

Bath & Haircut

Bath & Haircut

$40 Small Dogs (under 25 Lbs.)

$50 Med Dogs (25-45 Lbs.)

$60 Large Dogs (45 & over Lbs.)

$60 All Cats

Military Discount

Army, Navy, US Marines… everyone US Military Discounts on every service, every time.  Pets are family and we support all Active and Veteran families.If you have a service member returning home, allow us the honor to sponsor free of charge your dog’s welcome home groom. Click Here

Service Animals

We understand the sometimes different needs when handling service animals. With years of experience we can accommodate every situation. Specializing in large working breeds, we have developed proven techniques for an all natural grooming service that is perfect for working dogs in the Arizona weather. Click Here

No Cages

No Cages Grooming Salon

At Tera’s Grooming we take a stance, that we are a NO CAGES grooming salon, which means your pet will never be left unattended in any cage or kennel at any time. Your pet remains with a responsible and caring staff member for their entire stay with us until you arrive, at which time your groomer will go over every detail and answer any questions that you may have. This ensures that everyone stays happy, safe and free from any unexpected events.

Tera’s Grooming Guarantee

We proudly stand behind every service and product that we offer 100%.  Tera’s Grooming was designed to offer a different kind of service for your pet, something beyond the big corporate grooming factories, even the private grooming mom & pop shops, our brand and promise to you is a personal guarantee that every service that we offer, product that we use, or ingredient in our treats is meticulously chosen for our family and yours.

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