Green Salon

Tera’s is a “Green” salon in every way possible and only use all natural, tearless, botanical based, biodegradable shampoos that are soap and detergent free! Being a green salon is a choice, based on our lifestyle and love for animals. By keeping our daily lives in sync with the business of our salon, we have the opportunity to not only groom other pets in a natural and healthy way, but tread as lightly as possible on the environment. Even the bath water feeds the cool green grass every pet enjoys during their visit.

We believe that by making everything simple and convenient, less stress and energy is wasted by all parties involved. Paper-less and digital we offer flexible scheduling and payment options that help our customers keep a healthy grooming routine.

Tera makes every possible effort to ensure that we only use the highest quality 100% Cruelty Free grooming products, Never tested on animals and made from all natural botanical ingredients.

We are also a NO CAGES grooming salon, which means your pet will never be left unattended in any cage or kennel at any time. Your pet remains with a responsible and caring staff member for their entire stay with us until you arrive, at which time your groomer will go over every detail and answer any questions you may have.